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Beard Health A Modern Day Romance


A good beard is a beautiful thing, in fact, a blessing, a gift from nature and a modern day romance to look more handsome and hotter. It makes a man look like a man, giving him a distinct look and making him stand out in the crowd.

Beards have unfortunately gotten a pretty bad reputation in the past because they have been thought of as dirty, long, and a hairy mess resting on the faces of equally dirty men. But thanks to our evolving high fashion industry and various celebrities, beards have made a strong come back as a fashion symbol that directly links to a man’s grace.

Growing a beard is not a difficult task but maintaining that beard is the real thing. You need to know how to style your beard, how to keep your beard clean and healthy, and how to keep it looking fresh.

In this blog, we will discuss beard health, why beard health and maintenance are important, and as well as the importance of beard oil.

Why Care For Your Beard?

You must be wondering why you should care for your beard and why its important. Let us tell you in detail why your facial hair's health and maintenance is considered an integral part of your skincare routine.

In today’s world, a well-groomed beard has taken over the bad reputation of an ugly old fashioned beard. This tells us how a well-trimmed and good-looking beard leaves a significant impact on a man’s overall personality.

Therefore, beard care maintains, keeps your beard and skin healthy, and fresh.

For examples;

  • If you take care of your beard it will look better and feel better.

  • A well-styled beard gives off a professional vibe.

  • You can create your own unique look and pull off any style that matches your personality.

  • Beard tools are very important to maintain your beard so, always try to stock up good tools like beard brushes, beard oils, balms, etc.

  • Proper beard care eliminates dandruff from your facial hair because dandruff is a common skincare issue and you should know how to deal with it.

  • Sometimes your beard gets itchy and you don’t know the reason. It becomes so annoyed that you instantly shaved off your beard without giving it a shot to grow out. By giving your beard some extra care with the right products and regimen, you can save your beard for many years. Its good to pick a routine that is easy to follow and make it your own.

  • Beard care makes sure that you no longer have a stinky beard. The smells and daily dirt that you pick from your daily routine will no longer travel to your beard.

  • The skin under your beard is very sensitive and is more prone to acne, rashes, or any kind of allergy. Proper beard care means proper skincare beneath so it is very important.

  • By regularly washing and applying oils, balm, or moisturizers, your facial hair becomes soft and hydrated.

  • If you use beard oil regularly, it will create a protective barrier that protects your beard against harsh environmental aggressors, weather conditions, or anything toxic that you are exposed to daily.

  • A well-groomed healthy beard is easy to style especially in the mornings when you’re in a rush.

How To Take Care Of Your Beard?

As we have discussed above the importance of beard care, but how to maintain and give proper care to your beard is still a question. Don’t worry, we’re here to give you some tips and tricks about beard maintenance.

Don’t touch your beard:

If you have decided that you want to grow your beard then for the next 4-6 weeks just don’t do anything with your beard. These initial weeks are so important for your beard as the hair grows evenly so try to resist the use of a trimmer or scissor to even out the newly grown hair. Be patient and leave your beard hair as it is.

Choose the right beard shape that is you:

Your beard shape depends on your face shape. Choosing a beard shape is just like choosing a hairstyle according to the shape of your face. So you may choose your beard shape by yourself or may visit the salon for expert's opinion. Your beard is your facial crown, so wear it proudly.

Trim your beard:

Once your facial hair starts growing, you can trim the excess hair that you don’t want to grow. But for this part of beard maintenance, it's very important to choose the right tools such as a good trimmer, beard brush, scissors, comb, etc. If you want to achieve a slim shape with shorter hair then a trimmer is best to trim short hair. However, always be very careful while trimming if you’re a beginner because once the hair is gone it will take time to regrow in 4-6 weeks. Not only your cheek line but always trim your neckline as well because it gives your beard a polished and professional look.

Wash your beard regularly:

Washing your beard is incredibly important if you want your beard to be healthy and remain hydrated. The step of cleaning your beard helps remove the dust particles, dead cells, and other debris such as food and drink particles. However, you can try washing your beard with a beard shampoo, a 2 - in - 1 (Shampoo & conditoner) or a dandruff shampoo once or twice a week.

Moisturize your beard:

Washing your beard quite often can strip away all the natural oils leaving your beard hair dry, itchy, and with split ends. To overcome these problems, always apply conditioners, beard masks, beard oil, and beard balm for an extra boost of moisture. For prolonged hydration, always apply moisturizer right after washing your beard when the hair is still damp. Always use an oil to seal-in moisture, this way your beard can trap the amount it needs moisture it needs to stay hydrated and conditioned.

Groom your beard:

Brush your beard every day to prevent knots and tangles. Trim your beard hair regularly so that you can achieve your desired shape. Trimming certain areas keeps your beard in line because they now know which areas to not grow in.

Keep an eye on your diet:

If you think that you can grow a healthy beard without paying attention to your diet and lifestyle habits, then you’re wrong. Maintaining good health of your beard and skin greatly depends on your dietary habits. To grow a healthy beard you should get plenty of sleep, eat a well-balanced diet that is rich in protein, fats, and essential vitamins, avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, and other unhealthy habits.

What Is A Beard Oil?

Beard oil is a mixture of several carrier oils mixed with certain essential oils to give your beard extra hydration. Apart from hydration, beard oil not only tames scraggly beard hair but also reduces beard dandruff. Keeping your skin moisturized helps you eliminate ingrown hairs, reduce flaking, prevent dry skin, and tame itchy skin.

DIY Natural Beard Oil:

As you know there are plenty of beard oils available in the market. Some are expensive and some are pocket-friendly but, do you know that you can make your own beard oil at home? Here is a DIY recipe for one of our top favorite beard oil but we will also recommend you to check out our natural beard oil range ( that are rich in natural ingredients and formulated exclusively for your beard needs.

If you don't already know that we cannot apply essential oil directly to our skin or hair. For that, we always need a carrier oil to dilute the concentration of essential oil. Carrier oils are oils that are extracted from plants. Some of the best carrier oils that are used as a base in skin care products or in dilution of the essential oils are, jojoba oil, almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and apricot oil etc.

Best Carrier Oils For Beard Oil:

Jojoba oil – works like magic when it comes to beards. It not only softens your beard hair but also gives extra hydration to your hair and skin beneath. Jojoba oil does not clog pores or irritate the skin because its non-comedogenic and non-allergenic and the mimics our natural body oil.

Avocado oil – we cannot deny the fact that avocado is the powerhouse for your overall health. It has tons of vitamins, fats, proteins, and antioxidants. Because of all these essential nutrients, avocado oil balance the pH, hydrates, promotes hair growth and relieves dry, flaky, and itchy skin.

Almond and Apricot oil – both are very light carrier oils and act as the best moisturizer, hair sealant with anti-inflammatory properties. They are also rich in antioxidants and vitamins which prevent your body from harmful free radicles.

Apart from these oils, castor, coconut, and argan oils are equally the best carrier oils that you can try.

Best Essential Oils For Beard Oil:

For essential oils, hands down to these three amazing oils: tea tree oil, cedar-wood, and orange oil.

Tea tree oil – this oil works wonders when it comes to skin issues. Tea tree oil is well known for its healing properties as well as it treats acne like magic.

Cedar-wood oil – provides shine to the hair and softens the skin.

Orange oil – an oil that is full of antioxidants, fights inflammation and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

This combo is great but some other essential oils work best for beard hair such as eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, and bergamot oil.



Jojoba oil 1 ounce = 2 tbsp

Almond oil ¼ ounce = 0.5 tbsp

Apricot oil ¼ ounce = 0.5 tbsp

Avocado oil ½ ounce = 1 tbsp

Cedarwood oil 16 - 20 drops

Tea tree oil 7 drops

Orange oil 7 drops

Glass bottle 1




Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and fill the glass bottle using a funnel.

Pro tip:

  • Keep extra oil in a small mason jar and fill the bottle when needed using a dropper or funnel.

  • Always keep the oil in a pure glass bottle, not in plastic, especially essential oils. if possible dark color bottle as they persevere the oil better.


If you have a great hair but your beard is a mess, that just doesn’t sound right. So we recommend you do some research, invest in some good beard maintenance tools, and spend some time and effort to maintain and groom your beard. Your facial hair will thank you later for taking such good care of it. once more know that its your facial crown, so wear it proudly.


How often can I use beard oil?

You should apply beard oil after every shower or face wash because it will act as a moisturizer that provides hydration as well as promotes healthy hair growth.

Can I wash my beard with just water?

Yes, you can wash your beard with just plain water. However, to avoid the dehydration and frizz caused by this dehydration, you should wash your beard with a clarifying shampoo twice a week to remove dirt, grime, and oil. Facial hairs and skin are much more sensitive than your scalp so regular shampoo may not be considered ideal for washing your beard.

Does shaving my beard increase hair growth?

No, it’s a myth. Shaving your hair on any part of your body doesn’t make your hair grow back faster, longer, or thicker. Hair removal in general does not grow your hair.

Why is my grey hair coming unevenly in my beard?

Grey hairs strongly depend upon your genetics and unfortunately, you can't do anything to tackle that but embrace it gracefully. Usually, grey hairs come when the hair follicles pigment cells stop producing enough melanin.

Does beard oil grow my beard?

Not really but, though beard oils don’t induce hair growth but they affect hair growth in various ways. One of the most important ways is, beard oil stimulates hair follicles and prevents hair loss. In this way, beard oil promotes the overall hair health and integrity of your facial hair.

Can I use a brush on my beard?

You can use any brush or comb on your beard but we recommend you use a brush with boar bristles. These bristles have a scaled texture to them that easily picks up dust, grime, and excess oil by giving you an exfoliating effect. You can also use plastic or nylon bristle brushes but they will not give you the same effect as boar ones.

Can I dye my beard?

Yes, you can dye your beard but with natural dyes. Do not expose your facial hairs to toxic chemicals and aggressors more often.

Does beard oil give acne?

Everyone’s skin is different, especially the facial skin under your beard. The skin under your beard is softer and more sensitive compared to the skin where hair grows on other parts of the body. Therefore, some people can react differently and unexpectedly to different kinds of skin products. Our beard treatment oil is exclusively designed for you to tackle these kinds of skin concerns because our products are lightweight, non-greasy, and absorb quickly.

JNJS Beard Treatment is not only Natural. Its' a potent work of Art For All Beard Types. Made with finest quality of oils and herbs with No harsh Chemicals No Fragrance oil
The Morden Day Romance. Give your beard the best.

How often should I trim my beard?

You should trim your beard every few weeks with the help of scissors or a beard trimmer. Take a closer look at your beard in the mirror and if you find any uneven patches, split ends or long spots then trim your hair without giving it a second thought.

What's the perfect beard length?

Men can wear their beards in varying lengths. For people with large and round faces, a stubble beard having a length of 1.3mm is ideal. A short beard of 3.5mm in length goes well for people with even facial hair growth. Those with solid facial hair growth must opt for longer beards as they can elongate the chin and fill out the face.

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