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Essential Oils




Just Nourishing Joyful Strands (JNJS)

Just Nourishing Joyful Strands (JNJS) is a subsidiary of ChedoJ created by Jeromes Jonjerry. Our Treatment Oils came into existence out of passion and curiosity. As a child, I was allergic to many things, from grass to rainwater, foods, fruits, and vegetables. Sadly, if you name it, I was allergic to it. Growing up was a nightmare, so I understand and relate to others' pain and discomfort from skin allergies.


I was always jealous of my siblings. While my siblings were using lovely, scented lotions and creams, I was stuck using oils, tree saps, and African Black Soap," or in my native tongue, "Ncha'awusa." Feeling excluded, I always told my mother I would create an all-inclusive body oil when I got older since it's the only thing that soothes my skin.